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Soon - Weaver is awaiting notice to proceed to Design & Build a Hydrogen Fueling Station for California State University at Los Angeles.

June 2009 - Weaver completed another Methane Detection System Design & Build for the City of Glendale.

March 2009- Work is in progress and will be completed November 2009 for the Orange County Flood Control District's Operations and Maintenance Yard CNG station. Doug Weaver visited IMW's general offices and packaging facility in Vancouver BC. IMW's facility was state of the art.

March 2009- Weaver Inc. completed the Hydrogen Station for General Motors in Burbank. A combination of General Motors staff and Quantum's equipment gets the site up and going at General Motors. Congratulations on another job well done by Weaver Staff.

December 2008 - Weaver Inc. completed work for Clean Energy at the Orange County Transit Authority's Irvine Sand Canyon site. We designed and built a Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station. The station provides fuel for OCTA's buses and light vehicles.


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Welcome to the Weaver Inc. website. Please feel free to browse the current developments, particularly our PROJECTS IN PROGRESS, to assess the merits of our operations as might benefit any particular project you have. Be sure to check the site frequently for updates, as our commitment to increased quality performance generates an ever-evolving presence in the field of construction technology. For more information about a specific project listed, or about Weaver Inc. in general, please contact us.

Briefly, Weaver Inc. maintains competent performance and technical expertise for operations related to the electrical utility, petro-chemical, refinery, specializing in engineering/design/build infrastructure for the alternative fuel, and heavy-duty industries. Our goal is to present, for your consideration, information about Weaver Inc. that will assist with decisions concerning current or future project requirements.

In order to maintain an outstanding track record of high-level performance, Weaver Inc. retains additional qualified, technical and professional personnel to develop and pursue the criteria necessary for the fulfillment of our Company goals. The company has successfully provided the expertise and manpower, as either the primary general contractor or a qualified subcontractor, on many projects in the electrical utility, petro-chemical, refinery and heavy-duty industries, involving varying degrees of complexity and technical considerations. Currently, Weaver Inc. is involved in the field of CNG, LNG, and H2 fueling facilities turnkey design and development. As a full-service organization, from concept to start-up, with follow-up maintenance and support services available, we are committed to providing that extra measure that generates excellent results for our diverse client base.

We, at Weaver Inc., take pride in our reputation as a leader within the California construction industry for the past 54 years.  If you combine the experience of our professional staff, we have over 300 years of industrial and commercial background.  From design through construction, we utilize extensive industry experience and capabilities to provide solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Weaver Inc. has a record of accomplishment, completing a wide range of multi-trade turnkey projects.  Please peruse our site to see the diversity and complexity of projects that we have been able to design and build successfully.  Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or if you’d like more information on what services we can offer you. 



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