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Weaver Electric has been in business for sixty-six years. The company was started in California in 1955 by John Clinton Weaver and Martha Weaver. After two years fighting a debilitating illness, Clint Weaver succumbed to his illness and passed away in 1963.

At thirty-seven years of age, Martha Weaver took over the company operations. She was able to understand the fundamentals of electrical engineering/construction through training she received from Clint Weaver. Her management of the front office of the company for eight years prior made her a formable contractor in the construction industry.

Martha Weaver was not allowed to join union in 1963 because the local union 441 in Orange County California did not allow women or blacks as members. She could hire union staff but could not participate in the union as an active member. She overcame this shameful policy and became a good contactor in the industry, completing millions of dollars of construction projects in the electrical trade.

In 1988, Weaver Electric became a California Corporation and a woman owned business. In 1996, Weaver became a general engineering, general building, and electrical contractor, completing millions of dollar projects in the alternative fueling industry.

This year will end Weaver Electric as a construction and engineering company. Doug Weaver is available for consultation services at jdweaver@weaverinc.net or by cell phone at 714 932 3162 to provide any information regarding past projects or if you need to hire his services.

Doug Weaver

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