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September 2008 - We are completing a Compress Natural Gas Fueling Station for Clean Energy at the Orange County Transit Authority Irvine Facility by the end of August.

June 2008 - we are under construction for the General Motors Hydrogen Fueling Station in the city of Burbank. We are now in the middle of engineering and design with construction starting at the end of September a building modification project for the city of Glendale due to be completed November 2008.

We are fueling vehicles for the City of Los Angeles at the Southwest City Yard as of 8/22/2008.  The Greenfield equipment looks great, the project went as planned and we are very proud of this installation for The City of Los Angeles.

Victor Valley Transit’s Compressed Natural Gas fueling station will be completed in September 2008. The ANGI skids are installed, gas is on site and we are now completing the public fueling island. 

October 2007 - Weaver Inc. welcomes Jim Antinone to serve as the Sales and Marketing Manager. Jim has spent several years in the alternative fuel industries working with all of the major equipment suppliers. Jim's expertise in construction and equipment will be a great asset to our company. Welcome aboard! Jim! Jim can be reached at jantinone@weaverinc.net.

January 2007 - Following two exceptional years as Project Manager on several projects for Weaver, Inc., Rick Mendoza has recently been assigned to the office of Vice President of Operations.  Thank you, Rick, for your support and welcome to this exciting new opportunity.  We look forward to facing all future challenges together - Martha Weaver 

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WEAVER ELECTRIC, INC. has the ability to handle any type of construction project requirement in today's market. The company has 46 years of hands-on experience coupled with the essential business acumen, professional and technical expertise.

The simple installation or repair of a light fixture is accorded the same attention and emphasis on quality service as the design and development of a full service compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facility project. The ability to integrate with top management on any project has been critical to the successful completion of many new installations, as well as in projects involving modifications to existing facilities.

Customers are provided a lump-sum bid or a complete time and materials breakdown for a proposed project. Most issues requiring emergency or immediate response service calls are resolved within 24 hours. Our competent, friendly staff is able to troubleshoot as well as handle installations or renovations with equanimity.

Thank you for visiting the WEAVER ELECTRIC, INC. website. To learn more about the services WEAVER is able to offer your project or prospective enterprise, please visit our Contacts page and access any one of the e-mail addresses listed. For direct access, please call the telephone number indicated there.


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